The XPRESSO competition tech suit is engineered with Aqua Sphere’s exclusive Exo-Core technology – a combination of Exo Foil and Aqua Core technologies, each having their own unique properties. The combination of these two fabrics delivers a new, higher level of performance. Exo Foil - Aqua Sphere’s proprietary 3D stretch-woven fabric with superior compression. The 3-dimensional structure of the fabric allows it to mimic and flex with the movement of the muscles, providing a more natural feel, added flexibility, and a better range of motion Aqua Core- A woven fabric that delivers a high level of compression for stability and support. While the foundation of the suit is engineered with Exo Foil, Aqua Core panels have been strategically placed and designed to follow the femoral artery to improve circulation throughout the leg. This unique design allows muscles to stay relaxed both before and during competition. Features:

• Hydrodynamic fabric limits water absorption

• Bonded seams reduce drag and provide structure and support to the body

• Internal silicone leg grips ensure a precise fit

• Designed and manufactured in Italy


MP Michael Phelps X-PRESSO Women -black/silver

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